Cell Structure Design Patterns. Ein BetaCodex Network Whitepaper (englisch)

This research paper presents key learnings from 20 years of Cell Structure Design-related work and from approximately 50 consulting projects performed by Niels and Silke. The white paper is intended to raise awareness for the unique potential, and the unique features of organizational democracy and decentralization, and for consistent self-organization in organizations of all industries and sizes. 

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Silke Hermann explains how the idea for this research paper came about: "It is kind of ironic, really. When we recently looked at the BetaCodex white papers published so far, and at the articles we wrote over the last few years, we noticed that there was something of a ‘gaping hole‘ there. We noticed that, since Cell Structure Design became a full-fledged open source social technology, in 2019, we simply had not shared that much stuff in English about the approach. Sure, we wrote a very successful handbook on Cell Structure Design in German ,in 2020; with Red42, we did quite a few consulting projects and qualifications on Cell Structure Design, too. But the English edition of the handbook is still a few months out And there had not been a BetaCodex white paper that really focused on decentralization, since 2012. So we thought it was about time to share at least a few key insights on the practice of decentralization with the public – before the book's release." 

Niels Pflaeging continues: "We wanted to make this publication highly visual and readable, so that all interested communities, such as agile, lean, organizational development, organizational design and consulting, could profit from it. We also wanted to share something that proves how much we have learned about Cell Structure Design, since the very first BetaCodex papers about the topic from 2008. And we have learned an awful lot since then that we felt was worth sharing!"

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